Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DSN Query Analyzer

The new office likes FileMaker...  No, seriously, they actually like it.  And for what they use it for, I don't really blame them. 

It didn't take long before I needed to query some data from one of the FileMaker databases.  Now, there are ways to do this from inside FileMaker, but I just wanted to run a simple query. 

Enter the DSN Query Analyzer.  It is a lightweight query analyzer clone that connects to the DSN connections set up on your machine.  It was written by a guy in the Netherlands.  You can check out his website, if you can speak the language.

One note of importance...  System DSN's do not save login information.  That would be a gigantic security hole.  So when you give the analyzer the name of the DSN to point to, you have to also pass in the login information.  Here is the syntax:


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