Thursday, February 07, 2008

Resharper 3.1 Upgrade Issues

I upgraded from Resharper 3.0 to 3.1 today and immediately had some issues. 

Issue #1 - Intellisense was disabled. 

My intellisense was disabled on the Visual Studio level.  To re-enable it, I went to Tools -> Options -> Text Editor -> C#.  In the Statement Completion control grouping, I checked "Auto list members"  to turn it back on.

Issue #2 - Alt+Enter stopped working.

To fix this, just go to Resharper -> Options -> General.  Then select the "Visual Studio" radio button under "Restore Resharper keyboard shortcuts". Then click "Apply"

Here's another handy tip.  Since Resharper won't play nice with the new .NET 3.0+ features until version 4.0, you can temporarily disable/enable it on any open file with the Ctrl+8 keyboard shortcut.

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